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New Show Alert: Sportsball

We are so happy to announce the newest addition to the Super Mega Corp family, Sportsball.  

Sportsball is a weekly show covering the latest in sports news and stories, with a healthy dose of wit. Most episodes will come in at 30 minutes or less so you can get your news and tackle the rest of your day. 

Along with adding a brand new show we are also excited to welcome a new host, Andrew Robinson. Andrew is a die hard Nebraska fan, an avid tennis player, and all around swell fella. Shoot him a tweet @robinsonandrew to welcome him to the Corporation. Andrew will be joined on Sportsball by Super Mega Corp stalwart, Cam Brennan.

Sportsball, besides being our newest show, is also our first show recorded, produced, and hosted completely on Anchor. We are very excited to be on this new platform and can’t wait to take advantage of its unique features. What are those features you ask?

Here are the 3 main ways we will be taking advantage of Anchor:

  1. The ability to record on our phones anytime, anywhere
  2. The ability for listeners to call in, share their opinions, and help shape this show and the community that is built around it
  3. Occasional inter-episode news updates exclusive to listeners on Anchor. 

Here’s how you can call in to Sportsball:

  1. Download Anchor on your iPhone or Android
  2. Search for Sportsball and favorite the show so you never miss an episode
  3. While listening to an episode tap “+ Message” in the bottom left and record your message
  4. Preview your message and either re-record it or hit the save button on the bottom right
  5. High~five yourself knowing that you’ve contributed to the show and helped make it better

If Anchor isn’t your thing don’t worry, you can find the show on the major podcast repositories as well. Show notes can be found at