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New Show Alert: Dad College

This time last year we launched two new shows, It's A Trap! and Mendoza Line. In the year since, however, we haven't launched any other new shows...until now. We are proud to present our brand new podcast, Dad College.


Dad College is a show intended to plunge head first into the art of being a dad; the good, the bad, the ugly, and yes, even the dad jokes. Each episode will contain a few small, bite-size pieces of practical advice or instruction at the beginning, aimed to provide value to the listener. These segments will cover engaging activities, games, trips, how-to's, handling tough kids, dealing with the nitty gritty, and so on.

This segment of the show will be followed by a panel discussion of the main topic. Each episode's main topic will vary, in order to cover the spectrum of life stages that dads work through, and therefore will feature panels consisting of different dads.

The hosts of this show, Dave and Cam, are intent on seeing this show grow and evolve over time as the guests they bring in shape both the discussion and direction of each episode. Equally important to the growth and evolution of this show are the listeners. Dave and Cam want to encourage the listeners to engage in the discussions they hear, to write in and share their stories, suggestions, corrections, and questions. This is a show truly aimed at building a community of people who want to be better dads. 



To see our episode list, go to the Dad College page.

Dad College is available on iTunes, Google Play Music, and in your podcast app of choice.

Dad College will have new episodes 2 times per month, with the goal of a bonus episode at some point during the year, getting us to 25 episodes per year.

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