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Wrestling News #0 - NXT Signees

Wrestling News

Time for some wrestling news. (don't go to the website, it's truly awful) reports that there may be some big signings coming the way of NXT in the near future. 

The first name, and the one that I am so amped for, is Ricochet. He's a physical specimen and a true athlete. If you haven't had the opportunity to watch him and you have Netflix, look up Lucha Underground and turn your attention to Prince Puma, that's Ricochet under a mask. He's fantastic. Him vs. AJ Styles in WWE is on my bucket list. Honestly, I'd prefer he go straight to the main roster but if he can benefit from a strong run in NXT, I won't mind. 

The second rumored singing is War Machine, the tag team of Hanson and Raymond Rowe. These are big, capable fellas, with some pedigree and a résumé to boot. It will be interesting to see them integrate into the Tag Team division in NXT...I hope they obliterate Heavy Machinery. 

That's the latest for now. Are there any wrestlers that you would love to see in WWE in the near future? Comment below and tell us why!