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What is WWE doing with Dolph Ziggler?

Main Thought

Dolph Ziggler. What is WWE doing with him? 

(Before we go any further, let it be known that I like Dolph Ziggler and I want to see him succeed in this portion of his career.)

Many people have wanted a heel turn to help refresh his character and career and we’ve gotten so close in the last few months. Yet Ziggler is hanging on by a thread to this good guy character to the point that he’s putting his career on the line against The Miz in two weeks.

I don’t get it. 

He’s going to beat The Miz, or The Miz will cheat and Dolph will use that as a reason not to retire, but either way no one wins. Dolph needs to turn heel in order to get the fans back on board with him. 

This has nothing to do with Dolph as a wrestler. He’s fantastic in the ring. It’s his character that is the problem. He’s grown stale and everyone knows it. WWE seems intent on riding this character into the ground. Now maybe they do that and at the very last moment turn Dolph heel, which could have a huge payoff, but I think right now, we all just want to see this character changed. 

Also, stop imitating Shawn Michaels and Triple H. That will help a lot. 

Thoughts From The Show

  • What is WWE doing with The Ascension? I get the strong feeling that they are just hanging around with no clear trajectory.  
  • The Usos 2.0 are magic. They’re immediately more relatable, the new look is great, their in ring approach has changed for the better…I just love it. This is how you reinvent yourselves and breathe some serious life back into your characters. 
  • David Otunga is not good as a commentator.  
  • Can Bray and Randy fight already? 
  • The Miz is the quintessential hatable heel. So good. 
  • Dolph will beat The Miz in 2 weeks and the heel turn we all wanted for Ziggler won’t happen. Bummer. 
  • Cena is better on commentary than JBL and Otunga, the latter barely spoke during the Main Event. 

Show Grade


Nothing important happened.