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Smackdown Lost to Raw This Week

Main Thought

Where is Smackdown headed? 

Raw had an incredible episode this week. I was floored. Smackdown followed that up with an average episode but in light of how great Raw was, Smackdown felt worse than it should have. I’m afraid this will continue. 

Raw has an inspiring storyline surrounding it’s Universal Championship. Smackdown doesn’t have anything near as compelling surrounding it’s World Championship. Raw has 3 incredible female Superstars in the picture for the WWE Women’s Championship, Smackdown can’t seem to book it’s women well.

My point is that Smackdown has a lot of new faces while Raw has a really healthy mixture of new and old. It’s obviously easier, from a booking perspective, to work with Raw’s roster vs. Smackdown’s. But that is WWE’s fault, they controlled the draft, they made this a reality. Smackdown can’t compete with Raw in the short-term if Raw has the best storyline’s and the more balanced roster. 

Smackdown, in the long run, may prove to be fantastic, but right now it definitely feels like the secondary show. Imagine how it will feel after Raw gets the Cruiser Weight Division up and running this fall. 

Things of Note

  • The Miz is on fire. He just wants to be the most hated guy in the WWE and he’s really good at being that guy. 
  • Ziegler is everywhere on Smackdown lately. 
  • AJ Styles is wearing John Cena’s armband as a headband. So funny. 
  • This Heath Slater storyline, while longer than I had originally anticipated, is still really funny. 
  • Does Wyatt ever have a bad promo? He is such a solid, consistent performer. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I want to see him pushed. Perhaps this feud with Orton will do just that. (Also, to repeat myself again, I really like this version of Randy Orton.) I look forward to more of these two together. 
  • The Headbangers? What is happening? Why? 
  • Some idiot called The Milkman came out saying he had a license to compete and wasn’t going to leave the ring until a competitor came out to ‘get some’. Out came Kane to Chokeslam him. Which was completely stupid. Baron Corbin’s music hit and Kane and Corbin did the EXACT same pass that Wyatt and Orton did a few weeks ago. This is the sort of inconsistency in quality that concerns me. Raw was INCREDIBLE, with solid matches, storytelling, and a killer finish that blew up a 2-year long storyline. Assuming that Kane and Corbin feud in the near future, Smackdown has reused a storyline after 2-3 weeks. This just seems lazy. Every show can’t be a home run, I acknowledge that, but reusing a storyline igniter that quickly? No thanks. 



The Hype Bros. vs. The Vaudevillians

Mojo Rawley is insane. So much fun to watch.

The Hype Bros. win easy.

Apollo Crews vs. AJ Styles

Crews hit a standing moonsault off the ring apron on to Styles outside the ring, very impressive. Crews look really good during this match.

Styles wins. Phenomenal forearm, still love seeing that move. 

Alexa Bliss & Natalya vs. Becky Lynch & Naomi 

Commercial break after about 40 seconds. Why? Do this before the match starts! So dumb. Also, Nikki Bella was on commentary during the match and handled herself very well. Much better than Charlotte and Natalya have been recently, glad she’s back. 

Carmella came out and attacked Nikki Bella again, which distracted Becky, leading to a roll up victory.

Alexa & Natalya win.

Heath Slater & Rhyno vs. The Headbangers

Squash match for sure, but we did get a Stage Dive from The Headbangers and a Gore from Rhyno, so that was nice.

Heath Slater & Rhyno win. 

Baron Corbin vs. Dean Ambrose

Corbin performed very well in this match. Ambrose sold him very well. Enjoyable match.  AJ Styles interrupted the match which led to a DQ.

Corbin wins via DQ. 

After the match, some quality comedy from Ambrose, who racked Styles on the top rope. Ouch. 


Show Grade


2 good matches, 2 squash matches, and a seriously dumb way to get Kane and Corbin into a feud.