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Smackdown 887 Recap


Breezango, The Ascension, The Vaudevillians vs. American Alpha, The Usos, and Hype Bros.

These sort of matches are like candy, sugar coated fun but they lack substance. That being said the trading section leading up to the finish was executed pretty well.

Alpha, Usos, Hype Bros win.

Naomi vs. Eva Marie

Eva Marie has been delayed due to traffic and will be unable to compete. Seriously, guys. This is embarrassing. This is the best you can do with her? I thought the Women’s Revolution was supposed to put the female superstars front and center? This is bush league booking. 

Heath Slater vs. Randy Orton

A really weird squash match. Orton went crazy on Slater in the corner and the ref called the match. Odd. After the match Orton completely dismantled Slater outside the ring.  

Heath Slater wins by DQ.

Ambrose vs. Erick Rowan

This match was pretty good. Rowan is one of those guys I tend to continuously underestimate. He’s a large man but he moves fairly well and he is precise with his moves. Too bad his character has zero personality. 

Ambrose wins.

Becky Lynch and Carmella vs. Alexa Bliss and Natalya

Eva Marie showed up mid-match, followed by Naomi who wanted some revenge. The distraction led to the Disarmer by Lynch on Natalya. Not the best match.

Becky and Carmella win. 

John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio

This match was average and was dominated by David Otunga and AJ Styles bickering on commentary. 

Cena wins.

After the match AJ hit a late Phenomenal Forearm on Cena. Also, Styles continues to have no style, his shirt, gloves, and boots were all 3 different clashing shades of blue. Is it that hard to get the march people to make your stuff correctly? 

Cena responded by climbing the stairs and giving Styles an AA through the announcers table. That is how its done. 


Main Thought

I think the real test of The New Era will be after Summer Slam. The Draft was a huge deal that required a lot of aftermath in the booking. Add to that Summer Slam and you can see that WWE creative didn’t have a whole lot of time to develop deep storylines on the new brands and set up a great Summer Slam at the same time. 

Raw and Smackdown have, overall, been pretty solid since the draft, but with Summer Slam soon out of the way, my expectations for storyline development within each brand are going to escalate. Each brand will have a few months before they meet again at Survivor Series, so there is no reason for WWE to slow roll the development of storylines.

On Raw I’d like to see Reigns continue to develop into someone the fans are behind, which is happening. I'd like to see Rusev get a storyline that doesn't center around him hating Americans, we've been here before and no one cares. I’d also like to see how they develop the Cesaro/Sheamus storyline. I'd like to see The New Day lose the Tag Titles because it would be nice to see them chasing somebody else for a change. Also, the Cruiser Weight division has the potential to be incredible. 

On Smackdown, I’d like to see the Women’s Division actually be treated like top talent with storylines to match. I’d like to see the tag team division develop deeper rivalries, and I’m really interested to see what they do with Bray Wyatt (please push him up the card). The Intercontinental Title scene could use a boost as well. I love The Miz but some meaningful storylines around this belt are need to give the weekly show some strong matches, which is what I hope stems from The Miz vs. Apollo Crews at Summer Slam.

Overall, I’d like to be surprised. I don’t care if my favorite guys don’t become the top guys so long as WWE Creative can deliver with solid, believable, and fresh storylines that keep me guessing. The best TV shows and movies are the ones that keep you guessing and challenge you to think about what’s coming next. I want WWE to make me think and make me guess.


Things of Note

  • Can we please get Heath Slater on one show already? His bits are funny and they’ve made me a fan but I want him on a show so he can actually get a meaningful storyline. This getting beat down by huge dudes is a bit played out now. Though he did win his match against Orton, by a technicality, so he gets a Smackdown contract. Finally this can be over. Oh, wait, just kidding. Shane took it before he could sign it. Ugggggghhhhhhhhh. 

  • The Miz is so good on the mic. Miz TV has become a bit long in the tooth but any chance he gets to play the pretentious prick, I’ll take it. 

  • Ambrose vs. Ziggler has the potential to be match of the show at Summer Slam. These two are going to put everything they have into that match. Can’t wait. 

  • After Rowan’s match against Ambrose, Bray Wyatt symbolically tossed Rowan’s sheep mask on his rocking chair and walked away. So the Wyatt’s were done after the draft, then brought back as a duo, only to break them up 3 weeks later? Surely not. Surely WWE has something else planned. I can hope right? 

  • Baron Corbin likes to pick on little guys. Big surprise.

Show Grade


2 or 3 decent matches. The Eva Marie angle was a big detractor.