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Smackdown 886 Recap


American Alpha vs. Mikey O’Shea and Mike Vega (who?)  

The Ascension, The Vaudevillians, and The Hype Bros were all at ringside to watch this squash. 

American Alpha wins. Melee afterwards, Alpha cleans house. 

Becky Lynch vs. Eva Marie

Seriously. What the hell WWE. This is ridiculous. You are WASTING Becky Lynch. Eva’s top “broke” so she couldn’t compete. Ugh. But Becky’s a fighter so she’ll take on all comers. Enter Alexa Bliss. 

Eva Marie’s music hits, distracts Becky, and Bliss picks up the win.

Turns out Bliss and Eva Marie are working together. Again, I feel bad for Becky. 

Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio

This match was pretty good. Honestly, I was writing my ‘Main Thought’ during most of this match. Although, Mauro Ranallo’s comment of the night happened during this match. Orton dropped Del Rio on his man parts on the top turnbuckle, and Mauro said Del Rio had ‘Huevos scrambled right now’. It was quite funny. 

Orton wins by DQ. Del Rio used a chair on Orton’s arm. This is going to be a thing heading into Summer Slam.

Heath Slater vs. Rhyno

Slater must win in order to get a Smackdown contract

Rhyno wins. 

Carmella vs. Natalya

Again, Natalya attacks Carmella before the match began but Carmella anticipated the attack. I’ve been a big detractor of Natalya’s heel character the last few weeks, but, this week I’m becoming more of a believer. She’s getting better at this character.

Carmella wins via submission. 

Ziggler and Ambrose vs. The Wyatt Family

Why is WWE potentially weakening Ziggler vs. Ambrose at Summer Slam by putting them in a tag match against The Wyatts? I’m sure this has some long storyline attached to it, which may or may not turn out well, but in the short term it seems as though Smackdown is running on a short roster of top-tier guys. So much so, that a tag match pairing future opponents together seems like a good idea. 

That being said, this match turned out to be a really good one. 

Ambrose and Ziggler win. And Ambrose ruined the whole thing by giving Ziggler Dirty Deeds. Cue a Summer Slam montage, well at least in my head that’s what happened.

Main Thought

I know I said that WWE is wasting Becky Lynch, and I really think they are. But as a function of splitting the women’s division across both Raw and Smackdown, they almost have to. Which is why it makes me so mad. 

WWE had the opportunity to put the Cruiserweights on one show and the Women’s division on the other. Now, before I continue, let me clarify what I mean by this. The Women’s division doesn’t deserve to be on one show because they are less than, no the Women’s division right now is the best it’s ever been. It’s only weakness is depth. The top women are incredible athletes and performers. But after the top ladies the strength of the division is unknown. 

This is why they should have kept the Women’s division on one show for the time being. Let the unknowns fight each other and develop, while the top ladies face off against each other and in doing so provide the WWE Universe with incredible matches. But because the WWE decided to fast track the unknown commodities in the mid to lower card by splitting the Women's across both shows, we are stuck with Becky being wasted on Smackdown right now, and Bailey and Asuka being the only women in NXT with any fan credit. 

Now that I’ve got that out of the way, I understand why WWE did split the Women up. The Women’s division revolution is a real thing, seriously these ladies are phenomenal. By putting them all on one show, WWE ran the risk of inadvertently communicating that the ladies aren’t on the same level as the men. 

This would run counter to what WWE has been working towards for the past few years and the change of the Diva’s division to the Women’s division, which was such a good move. So the issue here is really short term mediocrity vs. potential long term success. 

So yes, I’m complaining that the WWE is wasting Becky Lynch and that the Women’s Division in NXT took a huge hit in the draft. But if the WWE wanted to avoid the potential criticism for siloing the Women to one show, they had no choice but to do what they did. I get it. I just wish that they would have been able to prolong this split. What we have now in the Women’s Division is the best of what WWE thought they could do given the current rosters and current climate. Who knows, in the long run, we might actually be thankful for this decision. 

Things of Note

  • I like this more human version of Randy Orton. I think Viperville is a stupid catchphrase, but since he’s come back he seems completely at ease and comfortable. 
  • The Wyatt Family! We saw Rowan come to the aid of Wyatt last week but that didn’t necessarily mean the family was back together. There were a lot of people who said the Wyatts were dead after the draft because Strowman went to Raw but Bray and Erik Rowan came out as The Wyatt Family to start the show. Very interesting. What does WWE have in store for Strowman I wonder? 
  • Also, Wyatt is GREAT on the mic. The dude would have made a hell of a preacher. I really hope he gets a push towards the title. He’d be a lot of fun with the title. 
  • Heath Slater sighting! I never thought I’d really like him, but for some reason I do.  
  • Scooby Doo trapped The Miz in the mystery machine and took The Miz’s Audi R8…what…the…crap? Marketing plugs are the worst
  • The audio during Renee Young’s segments is terrible. Come on WWE, this should never be a problem.  
  • Cena vs. Styles at Summer Slam is going to be so good, as long as The Club actually stays away. 
  • Commercials during the main event is a dumb idea. Just don’t do it.  
  • Does Bray Wyatt ever land that Running Centaun? It seems like a move he always misses. 
  • Also, Mauro Ranallo can’t seem to call people by the right name. Tonight he called Dolph Ziggler ‘Dean Ambrose’.  Come on, man. This is your job and I really like you. Just call people by the right name and you’re golden. 

Show Grade


A severe lack of terrible promos and a few good matches makes Smackdown a much better watch than Raw this week.