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Smackdown 884 Recap

Show Opening

I loved the beginning of the show, following Daniel and Shane out of Gorilla and into the arena. Really cool perspective that we don’t ever get to see. So from this point of view things are already different. I’ve made a few comments in previous articles about how Management still seems to be front and center but I’ve got a better perspective about it now. 

The Management is setting the stage for what both Raw and Smackdown are going to be like moving into the future. Raw did this very well on Monday night by initiating a mini-tourney for a match at Summer Slam and setting up the Women’s Championship match for later that night and then disappearing. I can only hope that Smackdown does the same here: get the roster out in front of the people, find Ambrose an opponent for Summer Slam, and then let the talent shine. My hopes are high that this show will be equally as good as Raw was. 

Six Pack challenge? That’s a new one I think? Anyhow, there’s a playoff for the spot at Summer Slam, like Raw but with less people. Well, scratch that! There is a Battle Royal for the sixth spot in the Six Pack match. Heck yes, this is what I’m talking about! A Battle Royal on Smackdown?? This is amazing. 

I gave WWE a lot of crap about the Universal Championship in my last Raw Recap but ladies and gentlemen, WWE has done me proud here. Well done WWE Creative, well done. 

Battle Royal for the Final Spot in the Six Pack match

Early prediction, Del Rio or Apollo Crews. 

Kane took out both members of the Ascension at once, hahaha, that’s wonderful. What’s not wonderful? JBL calling Kalisto, Sin Cara. They’re on separate shows man, and Sin Cara is like 6 inches taller, and has a completely different mask. 

Something of note, the Smackdown announcers table remains at the traditional ringside position but Raw moved there’s up towards the entrance. I wonder what went into those decisions?

Commercial break. This gives me time to say that yes a Battle Royal on Smackdown is a great way to start the show. Having said that, this one started really slow. Once it got down to the final four it definitely picked up, which I suppose makes sense. 

Also, Ryder botched a drop kick and his top rope dropkick, rough night kid. 

Apollo Crews Wins. 

Good on WWE for giving Crews a strong push. He got lost so quickly after coming up from NXT, I’m glad to see him get some love from Smackdown.

Ummmmmm, Shelton Benjamin is coming back? That should be interesting to see. Where in the card does he fit in? Who’s he going to feud with?

Ziggler got the spot he wanted, to tell us he lost his way for a bit but he’s here to win the title. You and every other dude on the roster. 

Becky Lynch vs. Natalya (brought to you by Mountain Dew!)

I really hope this one goes differently than it did at Battleground. The match started with a lot of trading between the ladies up tight, which led right into some back and forth mocking. Classic fun.

Mauro mentioned the Kardashians during this match and I died a little inside. Just thought you should know that. 

I think WWE is going to milk this feud. These two work so well together. Counters left and right, each lady getting in some strong spots. I wish I liked Natalya’s character because we’re going to be seeing a lot of her going forward. 

Becky Lynch wins via the Disarmer. 

Alexa Bliss comes out and tries to talk trash but she’s interrupted by Naomi who is then interrupted by Carmella who is then interrupted by Eva Marie (who doesn’t get any mic time…is she that bad on mic?) Anyhow, it’s clear that Becky is the top of the food chain for the Women’s division on Smackdown and all these ladies want her spot, even though she doesn’t have a title belt. This is what I’m talking about, competition for competition’s sake, no title, just fighting to prove you are the best. Raw, take notes.

Miz TV

Was Orton always this fun on the mic? He delivered ok on Raw but tonight he’s even better. I like this version of Randy Orton, a lot. Also, The Miz is perfect. He’s the quintessential heel. I’m glad they split him and Owens up across shows, hopefully they’ll both get to shine. 

Randy Orton vs. The Miz

Orton’s first action was a botched toss out of the ring where he landed on his bad shoulder. Jeez, so many missteps this week. Anyways, Miz takes Orton to task early in the match and then, you guessed it, an RKO out of nowhere. After a few minutes of basking in the moment Orton delivered another RKO, for good measure, and finally pinned The Miz for the win. 

Orton wins. 

This wasn’t really a squash match because The Miz was on the attack for a few minutes but my goodness did things change quickly. Orton is back and he’s a beast. 

Heath Slater Sighting

This was going so well until Rhyno showed up and ruined it. I mean, Rhyno and I are both Detroit guys, and i’ll always love him for that, but he was gone for a long time, then was in NXT for 2 weeks, maybe 3, and now he’s on Smackdown? I don’t know about this. I’ll reserve judgment for a few weeks. 

Where does Heath Slater stand? i hope he comes to Smackdown. He’d be a good addition to the roster. 

Six-Pack Challenge

I’m really surprised to see Corbin and Crews in this match, considering that they both got lost in the shuffle before the draft. I think they have already benefited from the brand split and I’m excited to see what they do with their new platform. Also, I have no idea who is going to win this match, too many options and potential storylines. 

I was so caught up in this match that I forgot to write down my thoughts. Much better than the Battle Royal that opened the show. 

I am so happy that of these 6 guys, John Cena has been the least featured. Not because I dislike Cena, no I like him a lot, but because it’s clear from how this match has unfolded the the New Era is a real thing. And another thing, are Referees legal again?

Holy Hell, Dolph Ziggler Wins!!!!

Honestly, I did not see this coming. Cena, Styles, even Bray Wyatt, were completely expected winners. What a statement, not because Ziggler is bad, no, he’s a brilliant performer, often under-valued, I just didn’t expect WWE to ramp him up to the front of the line so quickly. 

As far as I’m concerned, Smackdown wins the week. Raw was really good but Smackdown was fantastic. This is going to be fun. WWE Creative, you have done well here.