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The Kevin Owens Show Rolls On

Main Thought

Honestly, how good is Kevin Owens? 

  • He’s incredible on the mic
  • He’s the best trash talker in the ring
  • His comedic timing is brilliant
  • His in ring work is top notch
  • He sells better than most, to the point that I thought he died, twice. (Both times Sami Zayn and a ladder were involved.) 
  • Tonight, he made Roman Reigns laugh, while he had Reigns in a chin lock. 

I am so happy to see him get the push that he’s deserved ever since he arrived on the Main Roster. I look forward to watching him each week. 

Things of Note

  • Sasha’s jacket was super fun. She’s still not great on the mic. That’s the only knock against her though, she’s a blast to watch. 
  • Dana smacked Charlotte in the middle of the ring during the build up to the triple threat match and it was sort of amazing. 
  • Sasha won the Triple Threat match vs. Bayley and Dana Brooke but her shoulders were definitely on the mat as she rolled Bayley up. It was really obvious too. Yikes. 
  • Bo Dallas is angry now. How long until he joins his brother Bray Wyatt? I actually don’t think this will happen but I couldn’t resist the thought.  
  • Sami killed it on The Highlight Reel. Just so good. Then Jericho smashed him on the head with a cell phone. He must be upgrading to an iPhone 7.
  • Why are The New Day fighting Gallows and Anderson 2 weeks before their match at Clash of Champions? 
  • The Cruiserweights will be on Raw next week. I cannot wait!
  • Ugggggh, Jack Swagger. Not a fan, at all. What is a real American anyway?  
  • The Main Event between Owens and Reigns was incredible…right up until Rusev came out and ruined the whole thing. So, so, so dumb. I mean I get why they did it, but I don’t like it. 

Show Grade

B. Raw started and ended really well. Everything in the middle was just ok.