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RAW 1211 Recap


Jericho vs. Enzo

I like that they are developing Enzo and Cass as a tag team but also individually because eventually Cass will turn heel and for that to work we’ve got to care about both of them as individuals. 

Jericho wins by DQ.

Cesaro vs. Sheamus

Cesaro won. 

Dana Brooke vs. Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks won, and now Dana Brooke is suspended from ringside for the Summer Slam match between Sasha and Charlotte. Predictable finish here. 

Gallows vs. Kofi Kingston

This was somehow a squash match. 

Gallows dominates for the win.

Cesaro vs. Rusev

US Title Match
I don’t understand this. They’ve been working the Reigns vs. Rusev feud leading up to Summer Slam for the title, so why book a match that we know Rusev is going to win? You aren’t going to all of the sudden change the booking at Summer Slam to Reigns vs. Cesaro, there isn’t any recent history there. 

I suppose they are trying to build Rusev up by beating a fan favorite in Cesaro, but then why is he acting like a cry baby when the match is announced. If you want Rusev to be a monster then stop making him act so cowardly. This is way too typical with how WWE is booking heels. (See my thoughts on Rollins below). WWE should let Rusev dominate but with an attitude of wanting to hurt people, not an attitude of narcissism. Let him be ruthless not scared.

Also, if they are trying to make Rusev look stronger, why have him wrestle a guy who had wrestled earlier in the show? This doesn't make any sense, this is dumb booking.

The only way this makes sense is if Rusev loses this match, wins a rematch next week, and the match with Reigns at Summer Slam occurs as planned. This could then lead to a Cesaro vs. Reigns feud, which would push Cesaro up the card (finally) and brings some higher echelon talent to the US Title race. I’d be ok with this.

Rusev wins, with interference from Sheamus.

So ignore my comments about this making any lick of sense. Cesaro vs. Sheamus will continue and WWE used a pointless Cesaro vs. Rusev match to push a feud we don’t care about at the cost of potentially damaging a good matchup between Reigns and Rusev at Summer Slam. 

Main Thought

Tons of promo sections tonight, not enough wrestling. I know Summer Slam is coming up and they are trying to ramp things up for that, but do so with actual wrestling (unless that involves bad ideas like Rusev’s match) and less cheesy promo segments. It’s a bummer to watch a really sub-par Raw just two weeks before Summer Slam, which is going to be incredible.

Of all the promos that were on Raw, the Gallows/Anderson Doctor bit was the best by far. They delivered it perfectly and the writing was equal parts clever and fresh. Who doesn’t like some good hearted low-blow humor? Second best was Finn Balor.

Things of Note

  • Daniel Bryan will be on Raw tonight to ‘clear the air’ with Foley. You know, for separate brands there has been a lot of cross over already. I don’t like this.
  • A KO and Jericho alliance could be interesting. Though I feel like there are better ways to pull Owens away from Zayn and push him back up to where he belongs. That being said, any time I get to see Owens on screen I’ll be happy…unless they waste his talent, then I’ll just be sad. 
  • Oh and Puff Daddy was there, ummmm, why??? 
  • Rollins has been getting a lot of mic time since his return. He’s been delivering well but I really didn’t care for his monologue tonight. Nothing too creative, pretty cookie cutter. Surely WWE can give him more than the typical shallow heel storyline with Balor. 
  • The Lana/Rusev promo section was sooooo painful. No one cares. This is not the way to get Roman Reigns over with the fans. Though, Lana did sell the faceplant into the cake, that was fun.
  • These Foley and Bryan segments are getting a bit dry. Let’s move on. 

Show Grade


Just not good. Lots of filler, no above average matches, lots of below average promos.