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Raw 1210 Recap

Editors note: This is more of a stream of consciousness reaction than a true recap. It was late and I wanted to get something out the door for this morning, hope you don't hate it. 

Show Opening

Great montage detailing how awesome last week’s Raw was. Seriously, it was such a good show, in retrospect. 

FWIW, I still really like the new stage design for Raw and the placement of the commentators booth away from the ring. 

Sasha Banks is the first one out to start the show with her brand new Women’s Championship around her waist. It’s a good look for her. By the way, how good does that belt look? The white leather with the red background for the diamond ‘WW’, so good. Also, there was a Banks Club poster, with light up LED rope lights topping the shutter shades…whoever made this, you are the best.

Anywho, Sasha gets interrupted by Charlotte, not surprisingly. Does anyone else think that Charlotte looks like an evil Disney princess in her robes?

Sasha got a seriously sick burn in on Charlotte after Charlotte called Sasha a ‘one night stand’ champion. She said, “You’re the daughter of Ric Flair, if it wasn’t for a one night stand you probably wouldn’t be here.” Sometimes WWE goes personal and it’s painful, other times, WWE goes personal and it’s perfect. This happens to be an occasion where it is perfect.

For some reason, Jericho comes to the ring sporting a perfectly ridiculous goatee, not to mention that pretentious scarf. Gosh, he such a good heel. 

And now Enzo  comes to the ring, without Cass…what is happening? Why are these 2 dudes out here with Charlotte and Sasha? Can we please get a mixed-gender tag match tonight, oh please yes!? Also, Enzo is a total spazz and I love it. 

Now Charlotte gets the great line, “When it comes to Enzo and his love life there’s only one word to describe it…”, Sawft for those not up to date on Enzo and Cass’s routine. And again, for the record, Enzo is the king of the mic. 

Thank God, Mick Foley shows up to end this before it completely goes off the rails. Don’t get me wrong, this segment was a ton of fun, but it was rather obvious what was going to come of it. Good timing for Foley to come out and let us know what we already knew was coming. (BTW, that Leopard print shirt…hawt.)

So here it is, a mixed tag team match. Gosh, I really am getting used to always being right when it comes to predicting how WWE is going to book matches. I realize that you have no way of knowing that I guessed this before I saw it, I guess you’ll just have to trust me. 

Enzo and Sasha vs. Jericho and Charlotte

Owens joins commentary, wearing Byron’s tie. Hahaha, why? So dumb but perfect for his character. 

Decent start to the match but some definitely obvious scripted spots, such as the double toss out and the double superman through the middle rope, both by Enzo and Sasha. I really hope Owens doesn’t interrupt the match because it has the potential to be a lot of fun. 

Never mind. Dana Brooke showed up and ruined everything. Until Cass showed up and played good guy fixer. I don’t know why they are making Charlotte even more unbearable by aligning her with Jericho. Also, Banks and Enzo/Cass doesn’t really make a lot of sense but hey, why not, she’s a fan fave, so are they, why not put them together? I don’t know. 

Finn Balor and Seth Rollins

They are still using the Balor Club Worldwide imagery, I can’t wait to see how they pull that off. My thoughts are post Summer Slam. 

Also, in ring interview with Michael Cole. This is a nice change. Until Rollins interrupts…ugh. Enough chat, let’s see some wrestling. 

That being said, Rollins is fun, except for that fake laugh….don’t do that Seth, it’s really annoying (even Finn agrees!!!!). Also, this match at Summer Slam is going to be incredible. One other thing, why are they making Seth look weak? Why should he be threatened by the new kid on the block? Please, dear God, let Finn win at Summer Slam…this would be perfect. So many potential storylines going forward. 

WWE, can we please stop making Seth Rollins a crybaby? He’s an incredible performer, book him accordingly!

Mark Henry vs. Rusev

Who cares?

I mean really.  We’ve seen this match before and we know how it is going to end, Rusev wins. What else is new?

After the match Rusev goes on a pro-Russia Olympic rant…blah, blah, blah. No one freaking cares about this belt. Until Roman Reigns appears. Has he really gotten pushed down this far? Is this how they plan on winning him over to the crowd, by beating Rusev for the US Title? It won’t work, turn him heel already!!! FWIW, he’s rocking a black and red outfit for the first time AND he’s getting a ‘Roman!’ chant again. Maybe he’s not dead to the fans? Regardless, this is your Summer Slam match and Roman Reigns will be your next US Champion.

The New Day vs. Gallows and Anderson

One member of The New Day will be banned from ringside, not shockingly Xavier Woods is that guy. Why is he always the lesser of the 3? The dude has skills, doubt me? Rewatch the match against the Wyatt’s at Battleground. 

The match ended quickly in favor of The New Day but the aftermath was completely in favor to Gallows and Anderson, completely setting up the Summer Slam match…poor Xavier Wood’s parents. Also, has WWE considered the message that 2 bald white dudes beating up on some African American men promotes? I mean, not the best. This is part of what made me uncomfortable watching the Wyatt’s vs New Day at the Wyatt’s compound fight, just lot’s of racial history here. 

Cesaro vs. Sheamus

This should be a good match.

European uppercuts look like they hurt. I mean, ouch dude.

For a future #1 contender match, this was pretty boring.  We get it, Cesaro is freaky strong and Sheamus is a brawler. What else is new?

Cesaor wins.  I actually feel for Sheamus here. I mean a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker into a Gotch Neutralizer? Who saw that coming?

Sami Zayn vs. Seth Rollins

Rollins win, just a guess. 

That moonsault off of the barrier by Sami is something to behold though. Too bad it didn’t accomplish anything. 

This match should inspire greater fan involvement, but we’re going to cut to commercial? So poorly timed. I genuinely think this match was an absolute waste of time and it shouldn’t have been considering who was wrestling. How could a Sami vs. Seth match be boring!?

This show had been going so well. Seth Rollins wins and I don’t care. 

Brock Lesnar Appearance

Is this really the Main Event?? Seriously!? Why?

Clearly Lesnar is going to catch an RKO, from out of nowhere, of course. He’s the Viper-slayer? Come on, Paul. 

Even though Orton is a Smackdown Superstar, it only took 1 week to have someone crossover, well done WWE. Now this brand crossover means absolutely nothing, just nothing. This was such a waste of 10 minutes.


Overall, this Raw was decent, with some good points and some rough ones. The end was rough but I see what they are trying to accomplish. Here’s hoping it improves over the coming weeks leading up to an epic Summer Slam.