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NXT Take Over Brooklyn Predictions

Ember Moon vs. Billy Kay

I’m really intrigued by this match for a few reasons. Billy Kay has a mean streak and seems to be the potential heir to Asuka’s throne if she can develop some personality in her character. Ember Moon has had major promos leading up to her debut, so clearly she is going to get a push. I think this match up is the precursor of a potentially good feud between these two moving forward. This would serve as a main Women’s feud that allows the other, less experienced ladies time to face each other, and could pit Ember and Billy in a potential number one contenders fight at the next Take Over. 

My prediction: Ember Moon wins in her debut. 

Storyline fallout: Billy Kay plays the sore loser and makes it her mission to interfere and ruin Ember’s next matches leading to an ongoing feud between the two. 

No Way Jose vs. Austin Aries

I hope No Way Jose absolutely clobbers Aries in this match. I don’t know what NXT is doing with Aries. He came in as a hot shot and quickly faded to the background. I wonder if there was an Aries vs. Roode angle that they had been planning on but it never formed because Roode only made his debut recently? I don’t know, that’s pure speculation. But I expect this match to be good. 

Jose has really won me over, despite the seeming ridiculousness of his character. He balances the goofy, fun loving nature with a tenacity to never be made a fool of. And despite not liking Aries’ character, he is a very good performer. 

I actually don’t know how NXT is going to book this match but I must make a prediction nonetheless. 

My prediction: Aries wins but it’s an incredibly close match. 

Storyline fallout: Because the match is so well fought, Aries and Jose begrudgingly gain respect for the other and move on to different feuds. This one is over, time to move on. 

Bobby Roode vs. Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas

I was definitely surprised when Roode interrupted Almas’ match on NXT to let him know that they would be facing each other at Take Over. This tells me what NXT thinks of Almas. He’s an up and coming player. He may not be at the top yet, but he’s good enough to put Bobby Roode over. 

I’ve never seen Roode perform before but I’ve felt the hype leading up to his debut on NXT and my expectations are high. I know that Almas is a great performer and I expect Roode to step up and make his debut memorable. I think this match has an outside chance at match of the night. 

My prediction: Bobby Roode wins. 

Storyline fallout: Honestly, I’m not sure. This is Roode’s debut so there may be no feud between him and Almas, or they may turn it into one. I’m not sure which avenue they prefer but I’d love to see Aries and Roode get into a ‘who’s the better heel’ feud. I feel like they could turn in some monster matches. 

Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa vs. The Revival

NXT Tag Team Championship Match

Alright, I know who I want to win this match, but that doesn’t mean that is who is going to win this match. I  want Gargano and Ciampa to win but I think it’s too early. The Revival are fantastic and Dawson is incredible on the mic. I think changing the title here would be too easy. Everyone wants Gargano and Ciampa to have the titles, especially after there INCREDIBLE match in the Cruiser Weight Classic, oh my gosh, watch it if you haven’t, and if you it again. Just, oh, so good. 

But I have this feeling in my gut that says this isn’t the night the titles change hands. I bet there is more to this rivalry in the future.

My prediction: The Revival win.

Storyline fallout: Everything leads to a matchup at the next Take Over, where Gargano and Ciampa win. Soon after The Revival are FINALLY called up to the main roster. This delay gives TM61 more time to win over the fans and more time for The Authors of Pain to establish their freakish dominance, further developing the depth of the tag team division. 

Bayley vs. Asuka

NXT Women’s Championship Match

Writing about this match is tough because I have a pretty good guess of how it will end. For the record both Bayley and Asuka are amazing. They both deserve the title and the adoration of the fans. Bayley has earned the respect of the fans for her years of hard work, her infectious personality, and her top-notch talent. Asuka has earned the respect of the fans because of her skill, dominance, and flair. Both of these women are incredible.

But one of them has to lose this match. And if Roode/Almas don’t put in the match of the night, then these two definitely will. You can expect hard hits, lots of drama, and a never-say-die attitude from both of them. I hope that the WWE Universe is compelled to give them a ‘Fight forever’ chant. 

My prediction: Asuka wins. 

Storyline fallout: Bayley puts Asuka over one last time in an epic match and, I can’t believe I’m saying this, finally gets the most deserved promotion to the Main Roster in NXT history. 

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Samoa Joe

NXT Championship Match

At this point it should be clear how I feel about Samoa Joe…I don’t like his character, at all. He’s just the worst. He’s angry, narcissistic, and frankly just a crybaby. Clearly he doesn’t want to face Nakamura because he’s afraid he’ll lose, and he should be scared because Nakamura is a force of nature. 

I really want Nakamura to win. Genuinely, I think its the right move. But as I write this I’m questioning whether that will actually happen. 

It’s clear that both of these gentlemen have the requisite talent to complete at the highest levels of the WWE. Regardless of how I feel about their characters, the truth of the matter is that these two are incredible performers. And this is what has me second-guessing myself. 

My gut tells me Nakamura wins, Joe moves up to the Main Roster, and NXT has a face champion they can get behind again. I had an argument for Joe winning but it isn’t compelling in anyway. Please, NXT, do the right thing here and let Nakamura win and carry the belt for awhile. 

My prediction: Nakamure wins. The heavens rejoice and Joe cries…well not really but I can imagine it that way, can’t I? 

Storyline fallout: Joe moves up to the Main Roster and Nakamura takes on all-comers. He’ll hold the title for a decent stretch too. He is the heir to Finn Balor’s throne.