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Cedric Alexander Is Phenomenal

Main Thought

Cedric Alexander. How good is this guy? Before the CWC I had no clue who this guy was, which is a shame, because I could watch him wrestle all day long. He is fast, precise, crazy athletic, charismatic, intelligent, and possesses that all too elusive it factor. The NXT crowd absolutely loves him. 

My favorite part of the entire CWC was after Cedric lost an incredibly close match to Kota Ibushi and the crowd gave Cedric the best chant ever, “Please sign Cedric! Please sign Cedric!” Which is all well and good until Triple H walked out and blew all of our minds. This is when Cedric Alexander became cemented as a fan favorite. When both fans and management all agreed, seemingly at the same time, that this guy was phenomenal. Honestly, it makes me emotional to think about because we got to participate in a small way as a man’s dream came true.

Oh and his match against Andrade Almas to main even this episode of NXT was also wonderful. 

Things of Note

  • Was anyone really surprised that Joe went crazy last week and destroyed Nakamura? It was only a matter of time right? I’ve been hard on Joe for a while, I just think his character is boring, but the man is talented I will not deny that. 
  • Aries is still wearing a cape to the ring. Just saying. 
  • Dan Matha looks like an absolute freak of nature. Let’s hope he has some personality to go along with his 6’7” action-figure physique. 
  • Good to see Aaliyah on TV again. We got to see her on Breaking Ground and how hard it was for her to break into the TV rotation, happy for her.
  • We’ve been seeing these ‘Sanity’ promos for what seems like months now, when do we get the payoff?