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NXT Take Over Was Better Than Summer Slam

Main Thought

Just how good was Take Over Brooklyn?

Personally, I think it was phenom…nope…glorious. Genuinely, it was so, so, so good. Each match was fantastic.

We got what should be a really good feud going forward in Itami vs. Aries, which was a great end to a really good match between Aries and No Way Jose. We also saw Bobby Roode’s debut vs. Cien Almas, which was a great match itself. The Revival retained against a very hungry Gargano and Ciampa. We saw the debut of Ember Moon who is my new favorite in NXT. Her finisher…wow, it’s creative, new, impressive, difficult, and vicious. 

We got another epic from Bayley and Asuka for the Women’s division, cementing Bayley’s legacy as one of the greatest Women in NXT history. We also got to witness the dawn of a new NXT champion in Shinsuke Nakamura, which made me very, very happy. 

Overall this Take Over was incredible. Honestly, just so good. And when you compare it to Summer Slam…NXT wins the weekend. Well done NXT, very, very well done.  

Things of Note

  • It’s about time we saw Tye Dillinger again. Where has he been? I’m a big fan and apparently so it all of Brooklyn.

  • Only 2 matches but they were both very good. 

  • Ember Moon crashed Bayley’s post match interview…can you say passing the torch? 

  • The episode was primarily a Take Over recap but that’s fine with me because Take Over was incredible. 



Tye Dillinger vs. Wesley Blake (not Leslie Blake)

Just for fun, here’s the Leslie Blake count: Only 1, sad face. This match was enjoyable, good way to open the show.

Dillinger wins. 

TM61 vs. The Authors of Pain 

Ummm, The Authors of Pain got some seriously creepy new masks, as if they weren’t intimidating enough already.

This match got off to an interesting start, TM61 cleared the ring, quite convincingly I might add, of The Authors of Pain. These two are fun to watch. 

These Authors of Pain, on the other hand, are absolute monsters. So much power. We finally got their names, Akum and Razar. 

There were so many hard hits in this match, it almost hurt to watch, but I mean that in the best way. This match was believable and has the real ability to lead to a good feud. This is the most trouble any team has given The Authors of Pain to date. 

Authors of Pain win. 


Show Grade


This is a function of the show's purpose, recap Take Over and give the fans 2 solid matches. The only reason it wasn’t an A was because it was a review show, but a really good one at that.