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NXT 349 Recap


Hideo Itami vs. Mustafa Ali

Mustafa was in the Cruiser Weight Classic and earned a NXT contract because of it, good on you Mustafa. 

This match was pretty good. There were a few times where you could tell they were doing something scripted but that’s to be expected from two guys who have never performed together. That being said there were a few really nice spots in this match.

Itami wins. 

Liv Morgan, Nikki Glenncross, and Carmella vs. Daria, Mandy Rose, and Alexa Bliss

Ummmmm, they put Carmella and Liv Morgan on the same team. That’s like putting Snapchat Stories and Instagram Stories on the same team.

But back to the match, the match was good. The 4 new ladies performed quite well and held their own with Carmella and Alexa. This match was definitely meant to show that the future of the women’s division in NXT isn’t as bleak as we may have thought. In a few months I wouldn’t expect these 4 ladies along with Billie Kay and Ember Moon to be ready to give Asuka some competition. 

The match ended on a really clever reversal into Carmella’s ‘Code of Silence’ submission.

Liv, Carmella, and Nikki win.



Main Thought

When is NXT going to move to a longer show? I realize this may seem weird to say just one week after saying that NXT is rebuilding but hear me out. We go weeks without seeing people like Austin Aries, Tye Dillinger, TM61, Murphy, Rich Swann, Gargano and Ciampa, and No Way Jose. When you add the likes of these guys to the top card guys, and include the rebuilding Women’s Division, you begin to wonder how they’re going to find screen time for all of these performers.

We probably won’t see a mass exodus for the Main Roster again, like we did at the Draft, so NXT is going to have to figure out how to handle the largest talent pool they’ve ever had. It makes sense to me maybe at the end of 2016 to extend the weekly NXT show to 1.5 hours. The show is on the WWE network, so they wouldn’t have to renegotiate any TV contracts and I don’t really see any other hurdles. It just comes down to what WWE’s long-term plans are for NXT.


Things of Note

  • Billy Kay will face Ember Moon at Take Over.

  • This was mostly a hype show.

  • Samoa Joe and Shinsuke had a joint interview. Joe got angry.

Show Grade


This is a high grade for a show that only had two matches but NXT just does things right. The matches that did happen were good and the promo packages were done well. Plus the shorter time frame of the show helps prevent these sorts of hype shows from going overboard.