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NXT 347 Recap

Things of note for this show: Bobby Roode makes his debut and Hideo Itami returns.

Hideo Itami vs. Shawn Maluta

The show started off with Hideo Itami making his LONG awaited return to NXT. The dude has been out for over a year, so this is the first time I’ve seen Itami perform. Interestingly his opponent is Sean Maluta, a competitor in the Cruiser Weight Classic who lost in the first round after a very, very good match.

This match was decent and I’m glad that Itami got to open the show on his return. It was pretty clear that Itami was going to win, he wasn’t going to lose his return match to Maluta. But Maluta performed well, I’d like to see him get an NXT contract, he could be a good performer for them.

Mojo Rawley vs. Chris Atkins

I am officially confused. Mojo Rawley got drafted to Smackdown and he’s still wrestling in NXT against a debut competitor in Atkins. 

This whole thing was dumb, it served as a ploy for Joe to come out and be angry, which he could have done without ruining a perfectly fine squash match between a newbie and a guy who already got drafted…seriously, what is happening here? Did they have no one else on the roster that could have been in this match?

The only slightly redeeming spot was Mojo coming back in the ring and attacking Joe. Stay hyped Mojo, stay hyped. 

Aliyah vs. Asuka

This was a squash match but Bayley was on commentary so that’s a new twist for NXT.

Asuka got a chair for Bayley and set it on the ramp, which was quite funny but sent a clear message. As a response Bayley tossed the chair and told Asuka to get on with the match. I love the showmanship between these two, this rematch at Takeover is going to be freaky good. 

Random promo for Oney Lorkin, ok, sure. He’s going back to his roots but we don’t know what that means. Also, random promo for Ember Moon, coming 8.20.16. Are they the same person? 

Bobby Roode 

Bobby was preaching the NXT gospel pretty hard. Also, I feel like Bobby Roode is a taller, more handsome version of Austin Aries. Apparently he’s the best and he’s going to take NXT to the next level by targeting corporate America. This is going to go so well guys. He’s the kind of heel you actually hate. Guys like Jericho and Owens are heels you really like because they are funny and ridiculous, Roode’s character is just a prick.

TM61 vs. The Revival

The crowd was dead for this match, not a good sign for your main event. I wasn’t terribly impressed with by this match. Both teams are good and talented but it just didn’t pop. I usually love Corey Graves, except for when he calls The Revivals matches, he’s way too over the top trying to convince everyone that The Revival are the best tag team ever, which is just a preposterous concept.

The Revial won by the way. 

The best part of this segment was Gargano and Ciampa after the match. They got the crowd to chant “Pokemon”, I mean, how is this not the best part of the show? I hope that Gargano and Ciampa get the match at Takeover Brookyn. If that happens, Takeover will get yet another strong match to add to an already strong card. Looking forward to that special.