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NXT Report 12-20-17

By the Numbers

Matches: 3
Backstage Promos: 2
Video Packages: 2

Main Storylines

  • Sanity vs. The Undisputed Era
  • Pete Dunne vs. Tyler Bate III

Match of the Night

Tyler Bate vs. Pete Dunne

UK Championship Match

  • The subtlety these two work with is phenomenal. Also, the brutality. Some seriously hard hits in this one.
  • Everything is thought through: the story, the pacing, the in-ring psychology, everything. These two are magic together. 
  • Bate hit an Exploder Suplex off of the middle rope and brought Dunne from the apron over the top rope and into the middle of the ring. So impressive. 
  • This is not only match of the night, it's up there for match of the year. I wish I could describe this match in detail but you're better off just watching it, so sign up for the WWE Network and thank me later.
  • I want a 60 minute Iron Man match with these two.