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The Future of Bray Wyatt

There has been a rumor going around that 2017 is going to be a big year for Bray Wyatt. I must admit, this excites me. I've been fond of him since I came back to WWE in late 2015, though I never knew why he lost so much if his character was supposed to be a god.

Bray has incredible charisma, great skills as an actor, and he's very convincing in the ring. He deserves a run in the main event scene if his character is ever going to fully develop. Hopefully this rumor is true and we'll get to see that development soon.

Here is a quick run down of what I think could happen for Bray this year:

  • Win the WWE Championship at Elimination Chamber
  • Beat Randy Orton at Wresltemania
  • Wyatt family officially ends and Bray stands alone at the top
  • Face Cena at Summer Slam
  • Cena will want number 17 to break the record and he'll still be mad that he lost the belt at Elimination Chamber. (Cena probably wins here, which is fine. Get him number 17, he deserves it, but let's just get it done so others can move up.)
  • Feud with Baron Corbin leading up to Survivor Series. They are the two big nasty fellas on Smackdown and by this point Bray could be a Face, which I think makes a ton of sense. We could use a baby face with some charisma and personality, plus everyone already loves him.

I don't know how much of this will actually pan out, just shooting from the hip here, but I'd love to see Orton vs. Wyatt as the main event at Wrestlemania because who in the world saw that coming? Sure we knew that they'd fight eventually because Orton as a Wyatt never made a whole lot of sense but for the Title at Wrestlemania...this could be a slow burn for the ages if it actually happens.