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The 5 Best WWE Superstars Right Now

As the calendar speeds along towards Survivor Series I thought it would be fun to go through the roster and pick out the 5 Superstars who are currently at the top of their game. In order to make the top 5 a Superstar must be on TV regularly, be involved in a compelling storyline, have great mic skills, be proficient in the ring, and have personality to boot. In essence, they must embody what a WWE Superstar is supposed to be.

5. Charlotte

Charlotte is the current Raw Women’s Champion, after defeating Sasha Banks inside Hell In A Cell last month. She is the premiere athlete in the Women’s division and has a commanding presence in the ring and during promos. Her mic skills have gotten better over the past year, though she does have some room to improve. 

She is the quintessential heel for a number of reasons: she is the best, she knows it, and she wants you to know it as well. She has mastered the art of condescension during promos and in the ring. She makes you hate her and respect her at the same time, which is truly frustrating. Her character is incredibly natural and believable, not every heel can pull this off. Carmella and Natalya to give two examples.

I’m very glad that she is young because it means we have years to watch her grow as a performer and cement her status as truly one of the all-time greats.

4. AJ Styles

Ok, forget what I said about being in a compelling storyline, because right now that does not apply to AJ Styles. His current situation has him wrapped up with Dean Ambrose and James Ellsworth, which is very funny, but not the least bit compelling. 

I am willing to overlook that though because AJ’s in-ring work since joining WWE in January has been absolutely impeccable. He’s had incredible matches with Chris Jericho, Roman Reigns, John Cena, and Dean Ambrose in his short time in WWE. He has transitioned from Face to Heel very well and has even handled a transition away from The Club thanks to the draft.

Every time AJ wrestles I come away impressed. His work rate is second to none, his ability is elite, and he sells with the best of them. His offense is explosive and creative, often evoking a shout of “holy crap!” from yours truly. I never watched TNA when AJ was pushing the boundaries there but I am very happy that he has finally come to WWE where I can watch him work his magic each week on Smackdown. 

3. Shinsuke Nakamura

Shinsuke Nakamura is the current NXT Champion and he is also currently setting NXT on fire. Besides having the best entrance in all of WWE, he also has more charisma in his pinkie than Apollo Crews, Baron Corbin, The Shining Stars, The Ascension, The Vaudvillains, and Curt Hawkins have combined. He’s cooky, he doesn’t look like a prototypical wrestler, and his English isn’t great but none of that matters with him because he is pure magic. 

His current storyline with Samoa Joe has been fantastic to watch. He’s grown from the lovable, goofy yet skilled new Champion into a fierce, fearless, and angry Champion…all while never losing the crowd. If anything his growth has endeared the crowd to him even more, which I didn’t think was possible. 

I love watching Nakamura. He has that ever ephemeral “it” that so many Superstars try to find. He doesn’t even have to speak to have the crowd eating out of his palm. The Rock’s charisma came from his ability to talk circles around anyone, Stone Cold’s charisma came from his ability to be the best Anti-hero we’ve ever seen, Nakamura’s charisma seems to come from his true uniqueness. I’ve never seen a Superstar like him before but I’m beyond happy that I get to watch him perform now.

2. The Miz

Placing The Miz this high might seem odd to the casual wrestling fan but anyone that has been watching The Miz since Wresltemania will know that he has been darn near perfect. He has solidified his character, he has continually proven that he can cut a promo better than just about anybody, Maryse has added the perfect amount of heat for him, and he’s been in some great storylines since she returned the night he beat Zack Ryder for the Intercontinental Title.

It’s fair to say that The Miz has mastered the cheating, slimy Heel character. He uses his wife to distract opponents, he hides behind her in escalated situations, and he has no problem referring to himself as a Hollywood A-lister. He also has a talkshow and wears sunglasses in the dark, need I say more?

His run as Intercontinental Champion, leading up to the Title vs. Career match with Dolph Ziggler was impeccable, and I suspect their match this coming Tuesday on Smackdown will not disappoint, though Ziggler will win. 

I truly hope that this recent run of top form from The Miz results in a storyline with AJ Styles for the World Championship, he deserves it, and Styles vs. Ambrose is dead…wait, what? Ambrose vs. Styles at TLC? Again!!?? 

Ok, so after TLC, The Miz should definitely get a run at the World Championship and AJ Styles. He deserves it and that feud could turn AJ back to a Face in time for, drum roll please, John Cena turning heel and coming for the record tying 16th World Championship. Please, WWE, make this happen.

1. Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens came into WWE with a splash taking on John Cena and then picking up the Intercontinental Championship from Ryback at Night of Champions in 2015. His trajectory was steeply up and to the right from this victory through his feud with Sami Zayn after Wrestlemania 32. After this though it seemed that WWE didn’t know what to do with him. I remember thinking on a few occasions that WWE were wasting his talent, at the prime of his career no less. 

Luckily for him Finn Balor dislocated his shoulder in the inaugural match for the Universal Championship against Seth Rollins, leaving the title vacant. WWE did the right thing and gave Owens a push to the top in epic fashion as Triple H stabbed Rollins in the back and handed Owens the Championship.

This might be the single best decision WWE made in 2016.

I’ve gushed over everyone on this list so far, and rightfully so, they are all fantastic. Kevin Owens, though, is untouchable right now. 

I have never seen someone so at home in the ring. His mannerisms and trash talk are the best. Seriously, keep your eyes and ears on him at all times during his matches, you’ll pick up on his genius quickly. I routinely laugh out loud during his matches because of how great his trash talk and corresponding mannerisms are. 

On top of his personality and charisma, his skill and execution in the ring are remarkable. He sells so well that I genuinely thought Sami Zayn killed him twice with a ladder. He is also incredibly agile and quick for a bigger guy, with a move set to rival anybody in the business. 

Simply put, Kevin Owens is the best WWE has right now.