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Week 4 - Notre Dame Might Not Make a Bowl Game

By Cam Brennan

Wisconsin is for real 

Wisconsin started the season unranked and has gone on to beat LSU and Michigan State, the latter very convincingly. Their defense has been superb, only giving up a measly 11.75 points per game. The only reason this could be considered ’surprising’ is because of pre-season rankings and the opinions of expert analysts heading into the season. (Can we please get rid of pre-season rankings? They hold absolutely no merit.)

The bottom line is that Wisconsin is the real deal thus far, adding to the top-end power of the Big Ten this season. That being said, Wisconsin has a huge early season meeting at Michigan next week that will tell us a whole lot about each team.


Tennessee finally beat Florida

After 11 years, and 2 very close games in the last 2 years, Tennessee has finally beaten Florida. The most amazing part of this victory was that Tennessee was down 21-3 at halftime and then proceeded to outscore Florida 35-7 in the second half. This was truly impressive.

After an early scare against Appalachian State, Tennessee has now rallied to a 4-0 recored heading into the teeth of their conference schedule which pits them against Georgia, Texas A&M, and Alabama over the next 3 weeks. If they can get 1 win out of those 3 games, which I think will happen, they could finish the year with a 10-2 record, which would be nothing less than amazing. 


Notre Dame might not make a bowl game

Last week we noted that Notre Dame was out of Playoff contention, this week we’ve changed our outlook to Notre Dame most likely not making a bowl game. Yikes.

Notre Dame is sitting at 1-3 and hasn’t looked convincing all year long. They fired their defensive coordinator after their loss at home to Duke this weekend but I’m not sure that will solve their problems. If anything, that move was Brian Kelly trying to save his own job…which isn’t surprising. 

They still have games against Stanford, Miami, Virginia Tech, and USC left. Not to mention the Army and Navy games. The chances of them going 5-3 the rest of the year are not great. It is certainly possible but I’m not betting on it. 


Les Miles’ job is definitely on the line

I’m not surprised. His teams, no matter how seemingly talented in recent years, tend to choke. Part of it is on the players inability to get it done in the clutch, but the other part is definitely on Miles and his lack of end game skills. Sometimes it’s as if he doesn’t even understand what clock management and appropriate play calling is. 

This weekend's game against Auburn was no different. LSU had the ball with enough time to score. Fournette hurt his ankle and then was brought back into the game, apparently as a decoy? I understand that he’s your best player but if he can’t move, then he can’t run or block on a pass play. And if I remember correctly, LSU wasted a timeout surrounding this Fournette issue, causing the commentators to wonder what LSU was doing. 

Ultimately this game came down to LSU being out of timeouts, yet by the grace of God getting a final play with :01 left on the clock. Amazingly they were able to score and win the game! But after review the play was overturned because the game clock had expired before the snap. LSU blows it again and Bob’s your uncle. 

LSU’s upcoming schedule: Missouri, Florida , USM, Ole Miss, Alabama, Arkansas…this could get rough.


Lamar Jackson…wow

The dude, through 4 games, has 1330 passing yds, 13 passing TD, 3 INT, a QB Rating of 176.7, 526 yds rushing, and 12 rushing TD. That’s 464 total yards of offense and 6.25 TD per game. Just amazing.

Now Louisville does have a very tough game at Clemson next week which should serve as a great litmus test for how good this team really is. Other than that Louisville only has one other game that should be tough: at Houston on Nov. 17. That game, potentially, could have enormous playoff ramifications for both teams.