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Week 2 - One Major Upset...With A Huge Asterisk

By Martin Magers

Most top teams took care of business…

In comparison to last weekend’s historic level of excitement, this weekend was only slightly more exciting than an NFL preseason game. There were no games featuring two top 25 teams, and College GameDay had to travel to a racetrack to feature a team that should have lost to Appalachian State last week. Adding to the boredom was the decisiveness with which most top teams disposed of their markedly lesser opponents. Alabama, Florida State, Ohio State, and Michigan all rolled to easy victories again. 

...but some didn’t.

Though they still finished with the all-important victory, Clemson and Georgia certainly didn’t win any style points this weekend. Clemson’s résumé now features 6 point victories over unranked Auburn and Troy. Similarly, Georgia escaped with a two point victory over Nicholls. Both teams fell in the rankings, with Clemson now sitting at #5 and Georgia at #16.

Hail Mary! (or not)

One would think that Central Michigan traveling to Stillwater to shock the Oklahoma State Cowboys on a Hail Mary play would be enough to raise this weekend’s excitement at least a notch or too. Everyone enjoys a good David versus Goliath story, right? Well, maybe not if it should never have happened. At the end of the game, the officials erroneously awarded an untimed play to CMU following an intentional grounding penalty. The officiating crew has already been suspended, and there will always be an asterisk attached to what otherwise would have been an awesome play.

Things will get interesting again next week.

In terms of anticipated matchups, next week’s slate of games looks a lot more like last week than this week, with four top 25 matchups and several other notable games:

  • #12 Michigan State travels to South Bend for a night game against #18 Notre Dame. 
  • #14 Oklahoma tries to redeem itself against #3 Ohio State.
  • #2 Florida State takes on #10 Louisville.
  • #1 Alabama plays #19 Ole Miss.
  • #6 Houston gets another chance to prove themselves against undefeated Cincinnati.
  • #4 Michigan looks to keep rolling against it’s toughest opponent so far, Colorado.