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Week 10 - Who Didn't Get Blown Out This Week?

By Cam Brennan

Alabama and LSU was a snooze fest

I know what you’re thinking, it was a defensive slugfest. Great defenses win championships. This is what SEC football is all about.

Blah, blah, blah, the game was boring. LSU’s offense looked completely inept. Etling couldn’t hit any open receivers and Fournette managed 35 yards on 17 carries. Just terrible. 

Outside of a few key plays, Alabama’s offense wasn’t much better. They finally opened it up in the 4th quarter when Bo Scarbrough came in and played with some actual tenacity, which was refreshing. I’d have loved to see him earlier in the game.

Not to discredit these two defenses, they are good, Alabama’s is probably even great, but they proved in this game that their offenses are not on the same level as their defenses. We knew this about LSU but seeing Alabama struggle on offense was a bit of a surprise. I hope we get to see Alabama and Michigan in the Playoff, that way we can judge which team is truly the best this season.

The College Football Playoff got it wrong with Texas A&M

I think we all knew this. I also think we all knew that in time Washington would make it into the top 4. What I didn’t expect was Texas A&M promptly choking and making the Playoff Committee look sillier than they already did. I know I enjoyed that result, not so much at the expense of A&M, but more at the expense of the Playoff Committee’s SEC bias. Which leads me to my next point.

Washington makes a statement

Washington could easily have slipped up this week on the road after being snubbed in the initial Playoff rankings. What they did, however, was drop 66 points on the California Bears, winning by a cool 39 points. This wasn’t the biggest scoring margin of the weekend, but hopefully it will get the attention of the Playoff Committee. Washington deserves to be in the top 4, this weekend was just another example of why.

Michigan and Ohio St. dominate, thicken the plot as we approach The Game

In just 3 short weeks the 113th edition of The Game will take place in that state to the south. It will, barring any freak results, pit 11-0 Michigan against 10-1 Ohio State. If Michigan wins they claim the Big Ten East, if Ohio State wins they win the East despite a 3 way tie for first place, assuming Penn State wins out. 

So it’s do or die for both teams. 

Ohio State looked awful in their loss to Penn State and then only beat Northwestern by 4 the following week. Things in Columbus were getting tense. You know what releases tension really well? A 62-3 victory over the number 10 team in the country. For their part Michigan destroyed Maryland 59-3.

I cannot wait for this game on November 26th. It is going to be incredible.