Super Mega Corp

Podcast Network

We love making podcasts. We also really like it when people listen to them. Our goal is to create shows that you want to listen to. If we can accomplish this goal, we both win.

So what happens if you do like one of our shows and you want to get each new episode delivered to you? All you have to do is Subscribe to the show you like. The good news: this is very easy. (Links can be found at the bottom of this post)

What You'll Need

  • A podcast app
  • Headphones; totally optional
  • Some time to listen and join the conversation

Listen Up

For most people, iTunes on their computer, the Podcasts app on their iPhone, or a third party app on Android will be fine. All you need to do is search for Super Mega Corp in your app of choice and then click on the show you want to subscribe to. Once you've done this you'll see an option to subscribe, go ahead and click on it. Now, everytime we release a new episode of that show it will automatically be delivered to you. You don't need to do anything except hit play from here on out!

Some App options include:

Join In

We genuinely want you to join in on the conversation. Tweet us, email us, be a guest on a show, write blog posts and share them with us...the possibilities of how we can build this community are too many to list.

We are very excited to start this new adventure. We have no idea what will come of this new Podcast Network, who we will meet, or where we will go but we are glad the adventure is underway!

Subscribe via iTunes:

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