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A bit of history to set the stage

Dave and Cam are both former Youth Pastors. They met when Dave’s oldest daughter joined the Youth Group that Cam was leading and Dave served as a Leader, way back in 2010. Three and a half years later Cam stepped down from that position and found himself without a place to discuss the Bible, Christianity, Theology, and the like. Shortly after this, Dave and Cam began meeting for beer or coffee to study the Bible, share struggles, and live life together. Out of these conversations the idea to stick a microphone in the middle sprouted and shortly after the first episode of The Master Class was recorded. Nearly 4 years later, The Master Class is still trucking along, one verse of Scripture after the other.

A quick note on the podcast’s name

The Master Class is taken from a quote of Dallas Willard, from his must-read book “The Divine Conspiracy”. He says that “Jesus is now accepting students in the Master Class of life.” In that spirit we named our show The Master Class, not because we’re amazing or masters of the Christian life, but because we focus on Jesus, his life, his teachings, and what they mean for us today. He is the master, we are his students.


You can expect honest discussion and honest questions. You can expect us to take the Bible seriously. You can certainly expect some bad jokes from Cam and a pity laugh from Dave. You can expect us to admit when we don’t know something. You can also expect an episode every 2 weeks and that those episodes will range in duration from 45 minutes to about an hour, great for your commute to work or your chores around the house. Most importantly, you can expect God and his Word to be honored, examined, and questioned.




Cam Brennan

Cam is a Detroit native currently living south of Chicago with his wife and daughter. He loves discussing theology, watching sports, reading, writing, and of course podcasting.

He’d love to hear from you on Instagram: @cambrennan.


Dave Hogue

Dave lives with his wife, two daughters, and son in the Kansas City area where he has spent most of his life. Being the parent of two adult children allows Dave the luxury of traveling with his wife. He is a graduate of Kansas State University and loves to root for the ‘Cats. His heroes include Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Jackie Robinson, and Burt Reynolds.


Show Info

Frequency: 1 new episode every 2 weeks

Duration: 45 - 60 minutes

Fun facts

First Episode released January 1, 2015

You might like this show if you enjoy: theology, studying the Bible, discussing how the Church should function, and dad jokes.


Recommended EPISODES


Episode 21

In this episode Dave and Cam discuss asking God for things in prayer, suffering, and the prosperity gospel. The main text for this episode is Matthew 7.7-11.

Episode 65

In this episode Dave and Cam discuss forgiveness, grace, mercy, space, interplanetary living, immaturity, selfishness, Dave's vigilante future, and more.


Episode 96

In this Episode Dave and Cam discuss the trial of Jesus, religion and politics (so much fun), the Good Samaritan, and more. This was a fun one. 


Episode 99

In this Episode Dave and Cam discuss Pontius Pilate, Barabbas, mob mentality, Jesus maybe trolling the Elders, and what it means to fear God. 


Episode 110

In this episode Dave and Cam discuss Romans 1, Paul's conversion, evolution and creation, Christian tracts, and how sin affects our perception of truth. 


Episode 117

In this episode Dave and Cam discuss the end of Romans 3, boasting, justification, the beauty of the Gospel, and what it means to contextualize Scripture.


Episode 119

In this episode Dave and Cam discuss, after a brief chat about the World Cup, Romans 4.9-12, the issue between the Jewish Christians and Gentile Christians, circumcision, Abraham and faith.  


Episode 121

In this episode Dave and Cam discuss the back half of Romans 4, why the Law was given to God's people, Abraham's role in helping us realize the importance of faith in God, and how hope fits into all of this.